Congrats, its Brewster, NY

May 28, 2009
Due to our recent discovery (we've been learning about the internet!) of robots that troll the web scanning for terms such as "@" and ".com" we would like everyone to enter in this form their payment email address: = example/email

Congrats to our winner Joyce! Please comment your payment email. The correct answer for this one was Brewster, NY. Our major hint for this one was our keywords mentioned : "beer" and to our Facebook and Twitter fans: "brewing". We make them hard but easy to win!

Something interesting about Brewster, NY:

Brewster is a village within the town of Southeast in Putnam County, New York, United States. The village is the most densely populated portion of the town. The village's name descends from two early farmer landowners, Walter and James Brewster. During the 19th century, Brewster and the surrounding town of Southeast were home to the early American Circus.

Want to learn more visit their official website!

Game 11 will commence soon. Hope to see you there! Tell a friend about our Facebook fan page, we need 44 more people to start our daily raffle!


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