Bad news...temporarily.

May 06, 2009
I know some of you may have been checking the website viciously to find out whens the next location going to be posted. I went out last night and broke my key in the door locking mechanism. Yeah so that means I had to travel across town to a friend's home to crash.

Then I go to the locksmith and realize hey, where's my wallet. This day just keeps getting better. Going to look for my wallet and hopefully I should have everything back up and running by the afternoon. Evening rather.

Breaking news!!

Wallet has been found, its at my friends house in Canarsie! Ill pick that up later, also Im in my apartment again, woot! While I was out I decided to take a picture. This one is very easy, just tell me the name of the park! Be quick though, its very easy.


Michael said...

I've had those days before. Good luck hope every thing goes better for you tomorrow.