WordUp Wednesday "Study Habits"

September 16, 2009
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This weeks topic: "Study Habits"
Today marks the completion of the first week of school. The students are getting back into the habit of less video game and television hours logged and more time spent with a book in hand and pages turning. Some students ideal study session is music blaring, television on to favorite show so that they can listen and glance, and now with recent technological advancements, a cellphone now accompanies the study time. Although this may seem great for the child, it is recommended the study area be a quiet well-lit area, with minimum access to   the distractions that plague today's youth. However, some would argue that this unfamiliar setting causes the child to go into a "drone" like stage and studying becomes a huge chore that may make the mind wander. I guess this is similar to the situation, if you stop a chronic smoker from smoking they will have lethal withdrawal effects. What is your take on this, do you change the child's study habits or do you dare not for fear of the withdrawal symptoms?
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PriMeMiNiSt3R said...

Thank you for your research and insights. I think for the most part this will help a lot of people.
I have been interested in learning my whole life but it wasn't to last January that I realized I was never really taught how to learn! (My fault for sure) I also believe 70% of the world is in the same boat. I found that Socrates and Plato were the masters of learning HOW to learn. The reason was that their approch was logical and SIMPLE...After reading thousands of pages of information on this topic I realize that Most people don't want to read thousands of pages :)
My goal is to simplify and condense the most important concepts and principles of learning.

Revelations Zero said...

When I was in secondary school, there were two major exams. One in 3rd year and one in 6th. At the start of each year, a small seminar of about an hour was held telling us "how to study".

No matter what methods these "experts" gave us, or what they told us not to do, nothing ever worked for me. It was only through trial and error (and luck) that I found something that would work.

What works for me is simple. Pick a topic, read the chapter in the book and answer the questions at the end. And music is essential. Has to be headphones too, otherwise I get distracted too easily by other things. Music helps me focus.

Just SnH said...

Studying has always been a difficult task for me. For the most part, the crucial study period for me was the 10 minutes right before the test. Im not sure if it was memorization or maybe I was actually...nope. It was memorization. Some of the questions I sort of used my own judgment and reason and formulated questions in my head like "If i was 5 and I was multiplied (added) five times, what would I look like..." Yeah its weird but it helped me maintain a 87 average in high school. To think though, had I spent the time actually studying the work instead of memorizing I could have done better...

den said...

well that depends on the child really...if he/she finds it more conducive to learn with electronic equipment blaring then i would say that there really is nothing wrong with that...we have to take into consideration that study habits are as relative as our perceptions on different concepts...we cannot generalize the issue and put all children in one catgory just because one method worked for one or two children...what works for one does not automatically works for the others...