Twitter Talk Tuesdays & Wordup Wednesdays

September 08, 2009
As you all know we started off a just being that Silly website that gives cash payouts for the weirdest things. Well we told you we will be back with cash challenges and we would come back in full force. We are introducing two challenges that are super easy to win, but as you all know there can only be one winner. The challenges are Twitter Talk Tuesdays and Wordup Wednesdays.

Twitter Talk Tuesdays:
Every Tuesday all a participant would have to do is log onto their twitter account and post :
Very simple, a  random person will be chosen and will be paid $10.00. Very simple and easy money. Winners would be announced the following day in the Wordup Wednesday weekly blog..

Wordup Wednesdays:
As you all know we only update our blog now just once a week. Our format is we pick a topic for that week to talk about and thats that. However, we want to reward our readers for not just reading but for sharing their thoughts as well. We will pick a random commenter to be paid, we are using a random number generator to determine who the winner is. For example if the generator read out 5, then the 5th person to comment would get paid $10.00. Winners would be announced the following Wednesday. As always, good luck and stay silly. Don't forget to become a facebook fan if you like what we are doing. We appreciate it =-)

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marnelle said...


i love your blog, a lot of things to learn. Thanks for the info.
Keep up the good work ....Godspeed

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