Game 66 - NYSILLY - a cash challenge

August 01, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

We welcome all the new players and hope that everyone is enjoying it. Once we have 501c3 approval, the website will be undergoing many changes to be able to facilitate the program we will be starting. We look forward to working with alot of the families of New York, and other areas.
unscramble me = tnccceooh
  • home of Tammany (Native American sage of Lenape)
  • has the oldest surving train station in New York State (Conrail)
  • means "land of red rock"

Are you a facebook fan yet? Join the fan page, and invite your friends. The person with the most fans invited and have them post {im a fan of nysilly courtesy of "yourname"}, winner will be awarded $20.00. So far no one has posted, so game on!


snip07 said...

Cochecton, NY


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