Game 53 - We know NY, do you?

July 15, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Dave knows about Ossining, New York, the winning answer to yesterday's game. We will soon be submitting payments again, we just need to clear up something else, should be within the week and payments will begin again.

Unscramble me = newyork
  • there's four extra letters, didn't want to make it to easy
  • birthplace of John Jay
  • an affluent suburb of New York City
  • has a famous theme park, shown in "Fatal Attraction"
Remember stay silly...Tell everyone about us, the more hits we get the more popular we feel, the more popular we feel the more we increase the amount of the payouts!


The Daily Rant said...

I know I'm not getting in early on this one....but it's Rye, NY.

Hey - question - when do you guys typically post your games? I travel for a living and am often in several different time zones in a day - if I know when you post, I'll try to make it back here around that time!

I want to be FIRST one of these days! :)

Salena of The Daily Rant

Mond said...



Bhubbell said...

Rye, NY

snip07 said...

Rye, New York