Game 49 - Online Educational Entertainment that pays!

July 10, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Still have yet to resolve the issue with the payment account, but we are keeping record. We miss instant payments =( Tomorrow is game 50! It will be very hard and worth it, the payout will be worth ? x Payout = $$$$

unscramble me: rcaelasdslrz
  • Benjamin Siegel and his family lived here
  • home to a Soviet spy, 1978 until 1981
  • 6th vice president (US) was born here
  • two extra letters...or was it 3 =)

We know we been talking about NY Silly Cares Program and what we were planning on doing with it. Well after many discussions with colleagues and participants (you) we will be heading in a different direction with it. We cant exactly tell you but its something good. Don't forget to donate =)


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Scarsdale, NY


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Scarsdale, New York