Game 42 - Think you know NY?

July 02, 2009
Post all answers with payment email address using this format: = example/email

Are you ready to unscrambled this word? Remember all you new folks, there's no signups, no fees, no gimmicks. View the information the right and it will give you more information. Winners get cash, no questions asked.

Unscramble me: fydOorfge

Hints for scrambled word:
  • a french noble family
  • Gothofredus - google me!

Bonus: If you post about 4 sentences about the location, the reward will be doubled!
  • (only for the winner)
  • must be four complete sentences (i.e. subject and a verb, lol)
Good luck everyone and be sure to be a facebook fan if you're not already so you can win money!


Mond Del Rosario said...



Nino Natividad said...

That's really great! Thanks for sharing.

Nino Natividad

lindsay said...


from albany NY

The Daily Rant said...

The location is Godeffroy, New York - with TWO f's, located in Orange County, the county where I was raised.

This is another town I am familiar with since my family once had a summer house about 15 miles from here, in Masten Lake, New York (Sullivan County). Driving from Wurtsboro to Port Jervis on Route 209 takes you right through this little hamlet.

Actually, Godeffroy is one of the seven hamlets that make up the town of Deerpark. Originally, the Lenni Lenape indians lived in this area.

Adolphus E. Godeffroy, who helped bring the Port Jervis & Monticello railroad to the area, built a large estate in this area. The hamlet is named after him.