Hints for the Location

April 28, 2009

If you couldn't tell before, well its a playground somewhere in New York City... The playground is across the street from a school. Its in one of the five boroughs!

Across the street is a church...

Do you think you know where Im at? Post the borough and the cross streets in the comments section. Winner will be announced once the correct answer is given.


Alesi Alvarez said...

well the church is on 390 Belmont Ave. Brooklyn,NY zipcode is 11207
corner of Granville Payne Ave/Pennsylvania Ave. and Belmont Ave.

my name is alesi
my email is alesialvarez@aol.com

KONMAN said...
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KONMAN said...

my name is carlos lopez
my email is fattybanger7@aol.com

It's called grace playground it's across the street from belmont ave where the baptist church is at but is between pitkin ave and vermont ave in brooklyn i got paypal also so holla

kvq said...

The Church is ONE Block Down from GAS Station Off Penn. Ave. @390 Belmont Avenue & the Park ENTRANCE is on 330 New Jersey Avenue by Pitkin.
I am a College Student at F.I.T and Live Here in East New York the "Ruffest" part of Brooklyn w/ my twin Baby Girls so Kindly Send any "reward" to Me & STOCK tips ....Kristina at kvq1999@yahoo.com (Please Be REAL)
I work at Health Center Patients Medical Unit next door across from C-Town & Service Station

Anonymous said...

The correct answer is: Broklyn, Granville Payne Avenue and New Jersey Avenue!